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Disney Trivia & Smash Ultimate Tourney at Oilcan Harry's

Oilcan Harry's Trivia & Game Night

The Guild of Geeks started hosting weekly themed trivia and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament events every Monday at Oilcan Harry's. Check out our events page for the trivia themes, and be sure to come by early to enjoy Texas Dela Rosa and Gina Rae's service industry podcast, How May We Service You? starting at 8:00pm.

Pictured here is (from left) Sota Iwaku, Ben Bruen, JD Turnbow, and two contestants in the Smash tournament.

Wednesday Watch Day Comes to an End, Sauce Odyssey Game Nights Begin

Wednesday Watch Day Comes to an End

The Guild of Geeks said goodbye to the weekly Wednesday tradition of streaming games on Twitch, known as Wednesday Watch Days. We have decided to spend our Wednesdays hosting game nights at Sauce Odyssey on E 7th Street in Austin. Come by and say hi! Sauce Odyssey offers a unique sauce-tasting experience along with rotisserie chicken wings for only $0.75 each. It is also BYOB and has free beer offered on site. Come party with us and play in a retro video game tournament!

Pictured here is Samantha Sepe and Andrew Konnecke.

ASSC Intramural Softball 2019

ASSC Intramural Softball 2019

This past spring, the Guild of Geeks participated in the Austin Sports and Social Club intramural softball league. We had a great time playing softball with everyone all season. Thanks everyone who participated in the games!

Pictured here is:
(back row) Samantha Sepe, Caelin Lukens, Henry Van Leeuwen, Ben Bruen, Ryan Hall, and Dylan Gulledge;
(front row) John Nguyen, Jess Nguyen, Kristyn Durant, Holly Phillips, and Sota Iwaku.
Not pictured: Kiva Villegas, JD Turnbow.

South Austin Dance Party

South Austin Dance Party

Guildies in Austin got together with some music and a disco ball for a night of dancing, board games, and fun! A huge thank you to Jess and John Nguyen for DJing the dance party!

Pictured here (left to right) is Ben Bruen, Andrew Konnecke, Sota Iwaku, and Holly Phillips.

RTX Austin 2019

RTX Austin 2019

RTX! RTX! Rooster Teeth fans gathered in Austin for the annual RTX event, and Guildies met up to enjoy it together.

Pictured here is Spider-Man. We know his true identity, but we were sworn to secrecy.

Kiva's Birthday Boat Day

Kiva's Birthday Boat Day

Happy birthday Kiva! Just like last year, we had sushi and rented a boat on Lake Travis for the afternoon.

Pictured here is Kiva Villegas, the birthday girl.

GoG Opens a Bank Account

GoG Opens a Bank Account

The Directors of the Guild got together and took a trip to Texas Regional Bank in Dripping Springs to open the organization's bank account! We're really excited to see what's in store for us.

Pictured here are the Directors (from left) Holly Phillips, Dylan Gulledge, Riley Cauthen (far back), and Nick Gillett (front).

GoG Staff BBQ 2019

GoG Staff BBQ 2019

The staff of the Guild of Geeks plus a few guests got together for their first annual GoG Staff BBQ in Austin. Staff members traveled from all across Texas to enjoy some brisket, burgers, games and good music!

Pictured here (from left) is Sota Iwaku, Dylan Gulledge, Kiva Villegas, Nick Gillett, and Holly Phillips.

PAX South 2019

Guildies at PAX South 2019

The Guild of Geeks traveled to San Antonio this January for PAX South 2019! The Guildies attended panels, watched the Omegathon, played many tabletop, VR, console, and arcade games, and met a lot of new friends.

Pictured here is (back row, from left) Adam Harwell, Josh Thompkins, Colm Elerey, Holly Phillips, Abbey Thompkins, and (front row) Grant Foreman and Norris Seward.

Guildsmas 2018

Guildies at Guildsmas 2018

Guildies from all across Texas gathered in Austin to celebrate the winter holidays. Guildsmas included a White Elephant gift exchange, video games (especially Super Smash Bros. and Jackbox), and tabletop games (includeding Coup, Taboo, Secret Hitler, and more).

Pictured here is (from left) James Riley, Holly Phillips, Cole Tivis, Colm Elerey, Grant Foreman, Dylan Gulledge, and Clint Kelly.

Guildsgiving 2018

Guildies at Guildsgiving 2018

The Guild of Geeks met up in Austin to celebrate the holidays and enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner together.

Pictured here is (front) Norris Seward, (middle, left to right) Kiva Villegas, Emily Rouse, Clint Kelly, Dylan Gulledge, and (back) James Riley.